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FORD Fusion, October 2005 Onwards
1.4 Duratorq TDCi (68PS)
Fuel: Diesel
23 April 2007

Fuel Consumption
Imperial Urban - Cold: 48.7 mpg
Imperial Extra Urban: 74.3 mpg
Imperial Combined: 62.8 mpg

Emissions CO2 g/km 119
UK Budget 2007: Car tax will increase by £5 each year for the next three years for most cars. The ‘cleanest cars’ (not exceeding 120g/km of CO2) will get a reduction to £35 but, for the ‘dirtiest’ cars (over 225g/km of CO2) tax will increase to £400.
Car tax rates for diesel and petrol cars are to be aligned at the same level.

Euro Standard IV
(The European Union sets standards restricting emission levels of newly manufactured vehicles, known as Euro Standards. The Euro I Standard was phased in from 1992. Each later Euro Standard has set tighter emissions limits. Euro II Standards were introduced from 1996 and Euro III Standard from 2000. Euro IV Standard was brought in from 2006 and Euro V Standards will be introduced in 2011.

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Remember, when considering a new car from FORD that fuel consumption, performance and emission figures have an effect on your wallet!

The FORD 1.4 Duratorq TDCi (68PS) has an emission figure of 119 g/km, which will be reflected in the cost of the Road Fund Licence (Tax Disk) year after year, and vehicles with higher emissions seem set to attract higher and higher tax.

Diesel running costs.
Based on April 2007 costs for Diesel fuel, even with its Extra Urban mpg of 74.3 this
1.4 Duratorq TDCi (68PS) will cost approximately £817 per 12,000 miles in Diesel alone.

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